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Specializing in Stone, Concrete, Blacktop and Brick

Most of our Services are these:

    • Stone & Brick Re-pointing, We specialize in repairs and restoration of all types of stonework and also brick.
    • Restore your stone or brick with a re-point, cleaning and sealing application
    • Stonework & Brick Repairs and Restoration Services. Upgrade your existing concrete patio, steps, or walkway by adding a stone or brick veneer or other type of brick.
    • Add a dry-stack stone wall or bricks around a tree or other areas as a retaining or decorative wall, or as an edging around plants to enhance your property beauty.
    • Stone Walls – Brick walls, Blue stones, Veneer bricks, etc...
    • Specializing in Custom Work
    • Steps, Walkways, Driveway, walkway, patios.
    • All Types of Repairs
    • Caulking
    • Interior or exterior Brick and Stone Veneer for Fireplaces, walls, floors, asphalt and more…
    • Working closely with clients, we offer various options and custom designs. Our company does all jobs, both big and small, with the same dedication to quality, performance, values and craftsmanship.

    Internal main office:

    Accept all credit card / debit card – bank check / money order and cash deposit

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    05 01 22 Suffolk License # 47431-H
    2/28/2021 NYC licence # 2050066-DCA /sale-2050069