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House Dormer and Extension

  • Adding a dormer to your house is a very popular home improvement for many families
  • Dormers are an affordable option for adding space and/or rooms to your house
  • For adding an upstairs bathroom, a bedroom for the kids or the guest room you never had.
  • Add a unique and excellent detail to a home’s interior and exterior look. This add the character of the house itself, as well as increase the property value.
  • Create a better living environment for everyone in the house. it’s due to the fact that dormers create a better flow, improve the lighting, and increase the height and square footage in the upper areas of the house.

Have a need for more space in your house? Is there a new baby on the way or perhaps an adult child coming home from college? Maybe it is simply time for a redesign of your house.

Our work team of experienced professionals will meet with you to put everything clear in paper and talking the improvements that you would like to do to your home, whether it is a "mother/daughter apartment" or a second story addition, any type of changes, Our company is ready to make reality.

  • How Dormers Can Improve Your Home Value
  • There are Benefits of Second-Story Dormers or Additions
  • Provide the extra space
  • Depending upon the details of your existing house, an existing attic could be converted to living space
  • Gable fronted dormers
  • Hip roof dormers
  • Wall dormers
  • Flat roof dormers
  • Shed dormers
  • Link dormers
  • Eyebrow dormers
  • and many more

Which type of dormer you choose depends on the style of your home and your personal tastes

Home Extensions: Put more Value and Comfort to Your House

Is your family growing or need more space? Is your house becoming too cramped? Before you think about moving, consider a home extension! Home extensions are additions to first-floor rooms and can provide your growing family with much extra living space.

Our team specializes in mother daughter extensions for your home, as well as home additions.

House extensions can encompass a single additional room or an entire new look. But no matter how you wish to go about this new project, it is a big endeavor that incorporates a lot of planning.

Our company have years of experience, knowledge and can help guide you through this process to ensure you are getting the most for your money. We will also help you budget the job accordingly and help you get your home looking how you want it, while doing so at an affordable price. We understand the market for the labor, prices, and materials and more.

We will ensure any project completed at your satisfaction and well done.

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