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Home Repair and Maintenance

For home repairs, remodel, or replacement that can be difficult to perform on your own without the proper tools or necessary expertise, you can rely on a PerfectoRemodel corp. Handyman technician or specialists. We can help with issues with doors, windows, woodwork, decks, fences, plumbing, electrical fixtures, and more. We can attend to seasonal home maintenance like cleaning gutters, checking seals on doors and windows, etc…

Door Repair

If a door has been kicked in or something similar damaged. It can be a complicated process to restore a new door to the frame. It could also be that your door has worn from age. And it doesn’t keep out cold air like it should. For these and other door related repairs needs, our team in perfectoremodel corp. is on the job to help you.

  • Patio Door Installation and Repair
  • Repair Door Seal
  • Screen Door Installation and Repair
  • and much more.
  • Home Window Repair

For window panes that maybe need replaced or new window that need to be installed before winter, a perfectoremodel corp. handyman technician will do this work. For these and other window repair, replacement, needs, we are here all the time

  • Window repair, replacement
  • Window screen repair
  • Carpenter Services

If you notice that there are one or many wood rot and need to repair, gazebo installation and repair, wood paneling installation and repair, and a varieties of other carpentry needs.

Specifically, our professional carpentry team can help with:

  • Water and Ice Damage
  • Custom Framing or structural
  • Cabinet Installation and Repair
  • Handrails, Railings, and Stairways
  • Shed Repair and Shed Building
  • Gazebo Building and Repair
  • Canopy and Awning Replacement
  • Wood Paneling

Wainscot Replacement and Repair

Kitchen and Bath Wood Fixtures (toilet paper and paper towel holders, towel racks, hooks, soap dishes, medicine cabinets, etc.)

And much more, please just ask us.


When your gutters are clogged or obstruction or have some loose nails, screws, you have difficulty mounting a ladder to clean your gutters or repair broken sections. And all gutter related needs our team is here.

  • Home Maintenance
  • Smoke alarm replacement or maintenance.
  • Install or remove window air conditioner
  • Gutter and downspout cleaning
  • Attic check
  • Ventilation checks for blockage
  • Storm window installation or removal
  • Utilities check (faucets, outlets, switches, fixtures)
  • Toilet inspection and repairs
  • Sump pump inspection
  • Power wash patios and decks, shed, porches, etc
  • Check for loose masonry and mortar joints
  • and much more.

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