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Fine Drywall

We do all aspects of drywall installation, include:

Small patches in residential homes or commercial

Large-scale projects (two,three,six -hundred board installations, generally)

Drywall installation over metal studs or lumber

Overlaying new drywall over existing walls and ceilings (more cost-effective than tearing down or skim coating old surfaces) personal choice

Let’s finish Drywall

normaly drywall requires three coats of joint compound, or spackle. We allow each coat to dry for a full day before proceeding. however if time is an inportant issue, we have fans,heaters and dehumidifiers to speed the process. we can use quick-setting joint compound and have the project finished in one day.

Dustless Sanding or with smooth shaving

there are many ways to do without spreading the dust all over the house, one is close the door , tape it and work inside of a room, do the spackling with plaster and joint compound and shave it until you have nice finished.

another way use vacuum sanders that bring all the dust into the vacuum.

we are the master doing the right job all the time

some people want to do Skim coating some walls or entire rooms

skim coating is done correctly depending of the surface, the thickness of the joint compound goes according of the damage areas ,if you see some surfaces are so damaged they require a thick skim coat. For instance, walls damaged by paneling or wallpaper often benefit from skimcoat repairs.

or some surface require light skim coat like when it’s remove the wallpaper, some areas it needs skim coat only where it was peeled with the paper of the sheetrock… because some people did not primer before installing wallpaper then when is removed the wallpaper also remove the drywall paper in many times.

Replacement of the drywall

whatever it would be the reason, it can be moisture, water damage, too old drywall, broken drywall , bad surface , and skim coating is too much work and it will cost more than installing new sheetrock in some occasion, ripping out the old wall and ceilings and replacing them with fresh drywall is more cost-effective and much cheaper.


some people see that removing old sheetrock will cost more money and people decide installing drywall on top of the old one . it can be 3/8 inches or 1/2 inch on top of the old one

Another reason for some areas people decide to installing on top of the old one is because of the noice protection or more protection for the cold season . Contact us for a free estimate to learn more.

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