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All property remodeling PERFECTOREMODEL corp.

We do free estimate or consultation and it's free without any compromise we go to your house and give you a fair price. or 

you can check yourself all PerfectoRemodel  corp. Prices from 

  • any work with different people
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  • also many cities from Long Island , new york
  •         One company with many option to choose :, prices and people 

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All our people who work for PerfectoRemodel corp. is cover under our company so you as property owner feel comfortable and relax because we are professional in doing all kind of work. All work is guaranteed from the beginning until the end of your project. 


full licensed and insured with liability and worker's comp.

08 31 17 Nassau License # H0305700000

05 01 18 Suffolk License # 47431-H

2/28/2019 NYC licence # 2050066-DCA /sale-2050069

TAX ID: (26-0892664)




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Painting :

              Painting apartment,house, interior or exterior, all fence , sheds, we prepare all type of surface first then our paint will get good results. 

Drywall :

              We hang all drywall,spackle, if you need to just remove it we do it too. and just spackle no problem. from small work to large scale of drywall. 

Carpentry :

              You need to install new doors or windows we are here to give you the best prices. crown molding, decks maintenance or redo it. sometimes there is no room in the house, let's do new shed. 

Masonry :

             There are several cracks or broken sidewalks,driveway or any patios no worries We repair or replace it with new one,same size or other style. you need  a retaining wall, new asphalt , seal blacktop, brick or stone on your house. 

Power Wash :

               when we do painting and it needs to prepare, we have to see how it's the surface,powerwash is the best solution. let's make it new again just doing powerwash or pressure wash anything like driveway,siding,roof,walkway,patios and more... 

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